Association for Glycogen Storage Disease

Association for
Glycogen Storage Disease

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Fundraising Projects for the AGSD

The AGSD is active in fundraising and encourages its members to participate in local fundraising projects. Funds that have been raised have gone to support research, provided help in obtaining the pumps for nocturnal nasogastric feeding, assist in providing supplies when needed, and granted awards to help defray college expenses for individuals with the disease. The association has fostered publicity about the condition in local newspapers to the public aware of the condition, the need for research, and the need for support by the individuals with GSD.

2017 AGSD Fun Run/Walk

Each year at the end of our conference, we hold a 1-mile Fun Run/Walk. Kids, parents, and even doctors join us for a short walk to show support and promote awareness of GSD. We pre-sell the t-shirts for a registration fee [and any additional donations].

2017 AGSD Silent Auction

At the 2017 AGSD Conference in Chicago, we are holding a Silent Auction. Join us!

auction itemsWe are in the process of collecting merchandise for our auction, and we'd like to request your assistance in making this AGSD auction a great success. By donating item s for the auction, you'll be making a tax deductible contribution that will help us continue to help make life better for individuals and families with GSD - by funding programs such as the Family Assistance Fund, Scholarships for students with GSD, the creation of Diagnosis and Management Guidelines for each type of GSD, and Research.

Remember, most people attending the auction will be flying - so donations should be suitcase-sized. Or if your item is very large, you could just send a photograph of it.

Some ideas from previous auctions include: handmade crafts, toys for children, artwork, autographed memorabilia, pampering gift baskets, event tickets, etc.

To make a donation or for further information, please contact Jessica Knepler at or 815-483-1244

Other Suggestions:

Do you? Knit - Crochet - Sew - Draw - Love to Shop - Work with Wood - Make Jewelry

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