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Association for Glycogen Storage Disease

Association for
Glycogen Storage Disease

"Spreading our rays to shine for a brighter future"
AGSD campaign at LeClaire Park


The AGSD needs the help of its members to most effectively help GSD families. Below is a list of committees (and fellow volunteers) who assist

Interested members should contact the AGSD at and include the name of the committee in the subject line.


Newsletter Committee

Helps prepare an official electronic newsletter twice per year

Editor-in-chief: Barbara Owens

Current Members: Traci Reseler, Kim Burney, Brian Pawlik, Rebecca Lichucki

Seeking members for

  • Contributing GSD articles and News
  • Proofreading documents


Fundraising Committee

Works with the AGSD Board to request funding from traditional and new potential sponsors that helps us with operations, family assistance, and putting on the best conference possible.

Committee Chair:

Current Members:

Seeking members to assist with:

  • Standardizing language and request templates
  • Soliciting potential corporate sponsors
  • Seeking out new corporate sponsors


Historical Preservation Committee

Works with the AGSD to document historic events, pictures, conference programs, and other memorabilia to preserve the people, places, and events that helped make the AGSD what it is today.

Seeking members who have knowledge of the organization dating back to its origins in 1979.

picture with the committee logo