Association for Glycogen Storage Disease

Association for
Glycogen Storage Disease

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AGSD Governance

The AGSD is governed by a set of Bylaws and a Board of Directors and Officers. The Board is responsible for transacting the business of the corporation, establishing major administrative policies governing the affairs of the corporation, establishing committees and their guidelines, and reviewing the performance of any officer of the corporation. The Board of Directors shall review requests for funds from those seeking assistance and act upon such requests as they best serve the goals of the corporation.

The AGSD Board of Directors consists of five [5] members elected from the AGSD Active Membership, the four AGSD Officers, and the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board. Each Director and Officer serves a three-year term. The Board of Directors holds a meeting just prior to the start of the AGSD annual conference, and has at least three conference calls during the year.

The current members of the AGSD Board of Directors are:

Brian Pawlik, Chairman of the Board

term ends 12/31/23

Katie Ward

term ends 12/31/24

David Weinstein

term ends 12/31/24

Jon Burney

term ends 12/31/23

Emily Doyle

term ends 12/31/24

Dr. Priya Kishnani & Bert Bacharach, Co-Chairs of the Scientific Advisory Board

AGSD Officers:

President, Kim Burney

term ends 12/31/24

Vice-President, Rebecca Lichucki

term ends 12/31/24

Treasurer, Heather Edwards

term ends 12/31/24

Secretary, Irene Helley

term ends 12/31/24


The AGSD Officers carry out the daily operations of the Association.  You may contact the AGSD by emailing

Every year, the Association for Glycogen Storage Disease has its General Meeting for members at the annual conference. Active members are able to comment and vote on proposals brought to this meeting from the Board of Directors and from individuals. The annual election nominations are also presented at this meeting.